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Milo Koretsky

Virtual Bioreactor

The Virtual Bioreactor now has a 3D student interface.
(Currently undergoing beta-testing)

If you already have a student account, you can go to the 3D log in.


Keyboard Movement
ForwardUp arrowW
BackwardDown arrowS
Rotate leftLeft arrowA
Rotate rightRight arrowD

In full 3D mode, the arrow keys and/or the keys w,s,a, and d are used for movement. The mouse cursor can also be clicked and dragged to look up, down, and side to side. When in 2D mode (accessing a terminal) the keyboard can be used for text/numeric input and the mouse can be used to click option buttons, clicked and dragged to scroll horizontally and vertically through data, and the wheel rotated for vertical scrolling.

To access a terminal (for reactor control and sampling or cost and result data) stand close to the terminal and press the corresponding function key (F1, F2, etc.). To exit that screen and switch back to full 3D, if your selection does not put you there automatically, push the function key that you originally used to enter. At the login screen and reactor control, you can use the 'enter' key to move to the next input box, similar to the tab function in most software applications.

System Requirements

JRE 1.4.2 - Java runtime environment (JRE) version 1.4.2 or better is absolutely essential. If it is not installed or if you want to verify that it is installed on your system, go to java.com.

Security Settings - Just like the proper JRE, browser security settings are important. If your browser's security settings are too high, even if a good JRE is installed and fuctional, the 3D Virtual Bioreactor applet will not be able to run. When your browser's settings are appropriate, a security warning like the one pictured to the right may pop up. If it does, please press the "Run" button.

Video Drivers - Finally, at its core, the 3D Virtual Bioreactor uses OpenGL, a computer language that is often used for 3D applications and links directly to the computer's video card. While it may run on emulated computers (virtual machines) or with generic video drivers, it may do so sluggishly unless the best drivers for your video card are installed.

Class not found error - If the 3D Virtual Bioreactor cannot load because it says "Error: Class not found: VLab.VirtualBioreactorApplet", try clearing or changing the settings for the Java cache or temporary files. If you do not see Java in the control panel, click on the "Programs" icon and then click on the Java icon or search for Java in the 'search control panel' in the top of the window. If you can uncheck the box that says "Keep temporary files on my computer.", uncheck it.

Java binary stopped working error - If you get the error message to the right when you exit the Virtual Bioreactor by hitting your browser's back button or by closing the browser altogether, do not worry about it or waste your time searching for a solution.